Monday, March 18, 2013

Shamrock Run 2013

I made it back alive this year. I did the Shamrock Race 2 years ago, and I suffered for a month afterwards due to NO pre-training for it.. This year I have actually gone out and trained for it. My legs are not sore, the only injury I got was a heel blister on the bottom of my foot, which I really got the day before while playing paintball, it just grew a lot when I was out walking... Lucky me. I just hope it heals in time before ALL the walking I will be doing in a week.

So Far I have continued to stay on track with my eating. 99% correct, even with a few weekend trips out of town. I only had a little dairy, which is still within the Paleo Diet. I just can't have any due to being intolerant to it. I suffered.

Weight loss has continued to be losing slowly, no official weigh in this past month for Feb, and with March being almost over I am just going to skip and weigh in at the beginning of April. I have noticed the clothes are starting to get bigger, a few items made there way to goodwill. Which is awesome..

Taking this week off from all exercising allowing my heel to heal, and will be getting enough exercising next week for it to more then make up for it.