Friday, June 25, 2010

Round 3

So the second round didn't really last too long, but I am hoping this time it will last a bit longer before I cheat again. I did mange to do really well this week and I lost 2 pounds of the 5 I gained when I cheated back in April. Only 3 more to go before I am back to where I started. Good news though even tho I have eaten a bit off course, I haven't gained any since tax day.

So a little update, I am back to full time work again. Received my 2nd full time paycheck. Its nice to have money again, even if I am not spending it right away (saving up for my Honda Element). And I am eating about 75% of my foods with-in my 100 mile radius of my house. Oh and hopefully this Tuesday my sister and I will be receiving our 1/4 grass fed/finished cow. It will be great to cook up some steaks and eat those all the time again.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Delay 100 mile challenge

So since the weather has been messing up farming produce, it looks like i am going to have to delay the official start of my challenge, as the local farmers markets don't have the nessary produce for this to work out due to the lots of rain we have been having. I will still try my best, but the supermarket will have to do till the weather clears up for the plants to grow.