Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Turkey day!

Little update: I made it thru thanksgiving just fine, had a total of 19.4 carbs for the day. Didn't cheat, and still I managed to lose 4 pounds. I worked out at the club and even did a timed 400m run. (4.52) still slow but improving. I am starting to slowly get into training for a half marathon in july. So far the official total of weight lost is 35lbs. It looks like I just might be able to lose 50 before jan 1st. well thats the goal anyways. We will see. I am super sore today from working out at crossfit. but it was good to be back there and working out.

Friday, November 20, 2009

31 pounds

Update: So I have lost over 30 pounds. and I am back to the gym finally. Went to crossfit yesterday, and my legs today are super sore, which is a good thing cause I totally miss it. Its been too long since Ive really had a good workout. I go to the gym and workout but its nothing like working out at crossfit. Other then not working out, I've still been eating great, have yet to cheat (without knowing it - see gum post)