Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Turkey day!

Little update: I made it thru thanksgiving just fine, had a total of 19.4 carbs for the day. Didn't cheat, and still I managed to lose 4 pounds. I worked out at the club and even did a timed 400m run. (4.52) still slow but improving. I am starting to slowly get into training for a half marathon in july. So far the official total of weight lost is 35lbs. It looks like I just might be able to lose 50 before jan 1st. well thats the goal anyways. We will see. I am super sore today from working out at crossfit. but it was good to be back there and working out.

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Nadia said...

You have lost so much, but you deserve it for staying so strong! You are doing so well, keep up the dedication and hard work, and PUSH for the 50 by January, that would be amazing...four and a half weeks!