Tuesday, March 23, 2010



lets see where to begin.

First, Life has been thrown a curve, my plans are totally out the window this year.

I had to get emergency open heart surgery, they thought it was a torn arota but after opening me up, it was just a bleeding thymus gland. So now i have alot of months of recovery to get back to where i was even at in excercising mode.

So, I am still losing weight, but can't excercise all that well, just walks.

weight loss over 65+ pounds.


Nadia said...

That was just ok. You need to get into more details...and maybe a picture or two! 65 pounds is amazing, talk it up! If you want to go to the gym tomorrow you can have a ride at 9 with my friend...let me know!

Dad said...

I agree with Nadia. You have made some amazing accomplishments even with this setback. We are definetely proud!