Tuesday, April 23, 2013

5 parks in 8 days

I have had a busy time since the shamrock race.. A week after doing the race, I went with the family to tackle 5 parks in 8 days in Southern California. Lots and lots of walking.. I did incredibly well for having a huge blister on my heel the whole time, my feet were in a ton of pain by the last full day at the park. I spent the last day just hanging by the pool relaxing in the shade, because by this point I was burnt.

I did a weigh in when I got back and in just a month lost 7 pounds.. Not bad.. Still shooting for 10 a month. But I was great with my eating while on vacation and didn't get off track one bit.


I did have one dream come true for me finally I purchased my kayak.. And this past weekend took it out for a run. With my Dad.. We even managed to get in some poles in the water.. No bites tho. :(

Lastly played in a local paintball tourney and managed to move around a lot and shot way more paint then usual. Having that extra weight gone, has made me quicker, which is great.

I did have sushi for the first time 2 weeks ago, and had it again.. I have found anything fried and me don't get along great, otherwise I do like the stuff.

Here's to another busy month ahead..

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