Monday, January 18, 2010


So its been over 2 weeks since I lasted posted, alot has happened since then. Weight wise I have stayed the same, still no loss, but again no gain. I just need to find a balance to start losing again and need to figure out my workout schedule.
So life has started to get busy for me, I was able to find full time employment, no more unemployment $$ for me. I now get a full paycheck (I have money again, woohoo). Bad side to working is that my workout life is totally up in the air. I just need to figure out when is ther perfect time to go workout, is it at 5:30am (I am NOT a morning person) or is it after work at 7:30pm. I tried the after work routine and I felt wide awake after working out not too good when bedtime is 9:45pm (I was wide awake till 1am, not good when I need to get up early for work.) I tried this saturday (a non work-workday, still had to get up kinda early to ref (paintball tourney) it turned out okay, got up at 6:30am went for my 2 mile walk/run and came back got changed into paintball clothes and was off to the tourney. when I got home from the tournament (7pm) I was completely tired, too tired infact to really eat dinner and enjoy it. I fell asleep around 8pm that night and slept in till a little after noon on sunday. And the friday night before I went to bed at 10pm. So it wasnt a late night for me. So I am going to try it again either wednesday or thrusday this week to see if the double energy output was too much with the tourney after really working on my timed 2miles. at least wednesday/ thrusday is a long work day (10 hours of sitting) (i got lucky and I get to work 4-10 hour days, and then have a 3 day weekend every week) I will keep you guys posted (for those who actually read my blog) on my progress and see what I come up with.
I do need some new workout music, if anyone has some idea's.

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Nadia said...

Good to hear from you! I think it's going to take a few weeks to get your grove and find what works for you, but it is hard to learn to balance it all! I say try for 2 days a week in the morning, it will wake you up for the day, and you'll be tired by night! It's hard to get up, you just have to suck it up and do it a few days...