Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Project Change

So I was going to wait before putting this post up, but I know even if I wait and post it up when I officially start it I will still get slack for it. So I am posting it up now.

So this year has been a learning year for me, about what I eat, about me, and just life in general. One thing that has come out of this learning year is what I put into my body, and how some foods my body can't handle it (Dairy=Gallstones), and that if I eat foods in a more healthier fuller form, I can loose weight or maintain it for long periods of time. I have more energy, I feel better, I am not as sick during the year. Because of all this new found learning I have also done a lot of studying, and research and finding what foods do what to your body. This is the first year in a lot of years where I have actually opened up a real book and have actually read it.

With all this new found information and mixed in from what I have learned over this year, I am planning on making 2011 a new level of me. I actually want to get healthy, and go to the gym now, and I want to continue with this into the new year and beyond. So this is my "new" project, some parts are from this past year (2010), some of it is new stuff for me to learn. But I am excited for what the future holds.

So a little on this "new project" still working on a title for this project but for now I will call it Project Change. I have been reading a lot about the foods I eat, how it effects my hormones and that infects my eating. I already have a good base on the foods I eat, but I have found lately that I still love my grains and carbs, so I am going to try to incorporate them into my eating plan.

Project Change Goals:
Eat more natural, organic or near organic foods as possible.
Protein; chicken, pork, and red meat in moderation
Eat lots of veggies but also keep them in moderation.
Limit my fruit per day, as it is high in natural sugars.
Eat at least 1 whole onion a week.
Eat at least a few whole large sized tomato's a week. (I think a good salsa for salad would work, homemade of course)
Get in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, more would be better.
Figure out a schedule where I can make it into the gym in the mornings before work.
Bedtime during the work week is no later than 9:30pm (so far so good).
Video games or movies/tv shows are off at least 10 minutes before bedtime (its working so far, this allows me time to finish packing for the next day, and allows for my brain to unwind.)
Read at least 1 book a month that has to do with in some way project change.
Food Journal - Keep a daily food list.
More to come.....

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Anonymous said...

You are incredible. I'm excited for you...not just about the weight, but about how it will enhance your holistic health!