Sunday, August 7, 2011

Project Change Update

 I can not believe its been over 8 months since I last blogged, time has for sure flown bye, faster then I can think. A lot has happened since my last post, some I will share and some not yet.

The only big thing that has happened since the last update is my gallbladder has been removed (April 2011). I have since been able to go back on Dairy again, but in moderation.

So on to the update. 

Project Change Goals:
Eat more natural, organic or near organic foods as possible. Yup still going strong on this one, I even started my own garden this year, and I already have plans for next years garden.
Protein; chicken, pork, and red meat in moderation been eating lots of chicken, just recently added pork and haven't added red meat till this current month (august)
Eat lots of veggies but also keep them in moderation. Yup love my veggies
Limit my fruit per day, as it is high in natural sugars. FAILED this one, but trying to limit this
Eat at least 1 whole onion a week. FAILED
Eat at least a few whole large sized tomato's a week. (I think a good salsa for salad would work, homemade of course) FAILED
Get in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, more would be better. FAILED
Figure out a schedule where I can make it into the gym in the mornings before work. FAILED
Bedtime during the work week is no later than 9:30pm (so far so good). Been okay so far, very few days with staying up late.
Video games or movies/tv shows are off at least 10 minutes before bedtime (its working so far, this allows me time to finish packing for the next day, and allows for my brain to unwind.) Haven't played video games in over 2 months, still working on the tv/movies before bedtime.
Read at least 1 book a month that has to do with in some way project change. FAILED, but i have been listening to podcasts weekly
Food Journal - Keep a daily food list. FAILED
More to come.....

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Nadia said...

Yay for the update! I too am getting back into it…here we go!