Friday, June 21, 2013


A lot has happened since the last blog post.. Another kayaking excursion out on the ocean, first one in 10+ years. Another trip to Oklahoma. Making bank playing the slots. Supergame. And first catch of the fishing season. And thru out the whole time I am have been making healthy food options with what I have available to me..

SuperGame (May 2013).. It was epic this year.. It was the first time since before having my chest cracked that I have been able to play as much paintball as I have. It was a rewarding feeling to be able to play 2 days and play most of the time.. I also was drunk for the first time in my life.. and hopefully the last, its not something I wish to repeat any time soon.. I made healthy food choices the whole weekend..

Memorial day weekend. I went up to visit my cousins up in Washington they live near the ocean.. Took my kayak up for an adventure.. I had a blast up in the ocean, looking forward to another trip up there again shortly... So relaxing and peaceful up there.. Ate really well, and got alot of sleep in.

Timothy Lake First fish of the season caught and nicely frozen in my freezer.. Making room for more.. Hoping to have a nice collection in my freezer for winter time..

Oklahoma D-Day 2013

I had an absolute blast this year, one I will remember for a long time.. Very relaxing, hanging with friends.. making bank. and playing on sword beach.. Came back with what I wanted to accomplish, worked really hard this year to lose weight and get in shape enough to play on sword for my last dday for a while.. Weather was hot like always. Hanging with my CEF family was epic. Playing the slots at the casino will be hard to beat, $20 down and walking out with $6500 by the end of the week. I ate really well this week, better then I expected to.. Managed to almost eat gluten free the entire week.. 

Mothersday 2013

On to new adventures till the next blog post.. 

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Urban Weeds said...

Big congrats on that win!!! SO COOL!

Also a big congrats on your commitment to being healthy! I discovered your site while searching for grass fed beef in PDX... then found a post on Mark's Daily Apple, and now I'm here. :)

I also eat Paleo!