Sunday, September 20, 2009

communion (i am not cheating)

So I know i said I would update this twice a week, but this last week has been pretty crazy. I am moving to a new place, so every spare minute I have I am using it to pack. So a quick update:

So everytime i see my trainer, he asks "Have you cheated?" well i can honestly say the answer is "no". why would I, I have the perfect plan (an equal balance of food and workout.)

Last Sunday I attended church and we did communion, normally I would totally do it, but this time I just had to pass on it, as I know its just grape juice (but I had no idea what was in it, I am learning to read labels, and I can not have anything with High Fructose Corn syrup in it.) So I had to pass, another thing as of right now I can not have is grain or flour (so I wasn't going to cheat and eat the little piece of bread.) I am totally dedicated in this new plan, that i just could not do communion (I hope God understands).

I also weighed-in this time on wednesday, and sadly no change. So I am going to look forward to friday's weigh-in. I will keep you posted.

p.s. Even with the little weight I have lost, I am already starting to get complaiments that I am looking like ive lost weight. and that is very cool.

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Nadia said...

I love this story, and it only proves your dedication! Way to go!