Thursday, October 1, 2009

the sticky situation

So last week was not a good week for me, when I am stressed I chew gum, (really alot of gum), mostly I chew sugar free, but last week I purchased sugar gum, bad idea, at the time didn't realize it, but it cost me, I cheated. The sugar in the gum, caused my system to get out of ketoses. Which in turn caused my body to go back to storing fat cells. So last week I gained a pound. I have learned my lesson, doesnt matter how much stressed I get I can not chew gum (at least for now).

So on to this week, I am doing great, haven't cheated (no gum) and after yesterdays 150wall balls, I am very sore today. But I still got up and went for a 2mile walk this morning, then went for a 1 mile walk this early afternoon. Now I am really sore and stiff, but I can feel good about it. Tomorrow is another crossfit day, and I am moving that evening. So lots of workout time tomorrow. Lucky me.

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