Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I can not think of a good title, legs in too much pain.

I am completely sore, I can not sit in a comfortable position, without being in crazy pain. I have felt pain on this new adventure, but nothing to this extreme. I have experienced jello legs and rubber legs, but this is more of a sharp pain whenever i try to stand up straight, or try to sit down. I was lucky to get today off without having to do crossfit, but tomorrow morning I have workout, and I am dreading it.

In other news, more on the food I can eat. (or cant eat). One thing I have to stay away from is High Fructose Corn Syrup. (which is in just about everything).

Weigh-in update: from last Friday to yesterday (Tuesday) I lost 3 pounds. (unofficially) I am at my lowest weight in over a year. Which feels great, just need my legs to not feel painful.


Nadia said...

Yay! I am looking forward to our workout together!

Anonymous said...

dude, your awesome.