Thursday, January 3, 2013

Is this the new normal?

It has been weird lately (in the past 2 months), I have no reason why this is happening. But I am starting to like it.. I use to be a big TV/Movies person.. Would come home every night from working late, and just blah out and watch some tv shows and then go to bed.. But for some reason, for which I have no answer to, I haven't done it.. It actually takes me to just sit and watch tv anymore.. I have to be doing a project and watching, or like it has been in the past month, I would rather watch tv while at the gym on the bike, but as of late (last 2 weeks) I would rather listen to a book on tape or just music. Whats wrong with me?

I have been enjoying the change, and I can for sure see it continuing, life just seems better without it. Even been playing less video games, and usually only play a little on the weekends, or with my cousins &  nephews. At one point I thought about selling it over Thanksgiving break, even tho I had just bought it a few months prior.

I think the biggest help with the new normal, is not having the stress of how my body reacts to food anymore.. Since I have seen the Natural Path, I have found that I built up an intolerance to all forms of grains, and corn.. (I can still have them but with problems!) And Dairy is no longer allowed in my system, which I will miss somewhat, but I have fallen in love with coconut milk and ice cream (but still limit to once a month as a special treat). Any sort of carbonation is not allowed anymore, but I learned that the hard way last 2012 new years. When I had 4oz of sparkling cider and I thought I was going to die with my stomach exploding from the inside.. Worst feeling in the world. And since I have given up soda (since 9/1/09) it should not be a problem for me.

Excited to be eating as pure as I can, and I can't wait to see the results this year.. 

1/3 - 100 % eating.. Morning: 25minutes bike @ 3 miles @ lvl 5, some upper weights in.. Heading back tonight to finish up. 

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