Wednesday, January 2, 2013


2013... Back to the blog.. Hoping that this time around, I can see results and keep those results..I am back to Paleo after a crazy ride of stomach issues since the Gallbladder came out.. Burping got so bad one day, I was scared and had to call the advice nurse (they gave me Vicodin, like that's going to help)

New Years Goals..

Lose 100# by November.. If I can remain on track with eating, (except my week of paintball) and working out or being active each day, it should be possible. Pending any medical hiccups  So far its been 6 months since any tests..

More Fishing.. Since I have been lacking this past year, I hope to fill at least 1 shelf in my freezer with fish this year.. So more fishing trips.. Buying a kayak in less then 2 months, which should help.

Races... Finish 3 - 5K walks... First one is March 17th!.. 2 years ago I did in an hour, hoping to finish in 45 minutes or less.. and maybe do a half marathon.

Gym... shooting for 5 days a week, (before work).. Every morning.. and some evenings too. Biking in the morning and some weights in the evening..

Backpacking.. Hoping to go at least once this year... I've missed the last 2 years, and I really miss it..

Swimming.. Going to try and get back to laps again, since the knee is strong enough to handle kicking again.. Hoping to get back in on Fridays, that I don't have to watch my nephews till later in the morning..

Back to eating 100% on Jan 1st, 2013..

Christmas 2012
1/1 - 2 mile walk, 100% eating
1/2 - 4 mile bike (25 minutes), 100% eating.

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