Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting Back on Track

The first month is almost in the books.. Did better then I expected with getting to the gym or outside walking.. I only took 3 days off to allow my body to recover the whole month.. A few of the days I did a double workout, once in the morning and then followed up with a workout in the evening as well. I have eaten 99.9% Paleo, almost 100%, had some corn at my family birthday party. All in all it was a good month of staying on track.. I haven't managed to lose more then 10 pounds this month, but the clothes are getting bigger, which is a good sign. And I can feel my legs getting stronger.

Biking at the gym has gotten more constant. Average is lvl 7. @ 20 minutes for 4 miles. Goal for February is to bike an average of lvl 9 @ 20 minutes for 5 miles. Not a huge step up, figured I will stick with small goals for now.

Dec 1st, 2012
Walking outside I have started to train more for my 5k on March 17th. I did sign up so I am now committed. I have started walking 1-1.5 miles at a time, not for speed, but I will start Feb. 17, one month before the race. Right now I am just trying to get up to walking 3.5 miles at a time. I have started to stop driving to the local store for items, and have been walking to get them now, its about a 1.5 mile round trip. Saving gas money and getting my exercise in..

Weight lifting... I have been focused more with upper body lifting, esp with over head lifting as I need to get into kayak loading shape. Taxes are sent in, and I am waiting on my checks.. So I can go purchase my new double kayak.  Looking forward to many fishing trips this year. but the only way for me to do solo trips is to get my lifting up so I can load and unload the kayak from my car.

I am amazed how much easier it is this time around with staying focused on hitting the gym and eating right, I remember back in Sept 2009, where I was not thrilled to go workout or to eat correctly. Now I would rather do both, then not. I can for sure see myself continuing this journey, and see real success this year. Looking forward to Thanksgiving this year, hoping to be down 100# and hitting the winter slopes.


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